Think Twice Before Using USB Devices

USB Thief Removal

If you are using USB Devices on your Computer, be careful next time as Security Researchers have detected data stealing trojan. Yes it might sound strange but its true as data stealing trojan is using USB devices to spread itself. Malware aka Win32/PSW.Stealer.NAI has been associated with data stealing capabilities and is known to be using USB devices as vector for targeting Windows system and hence it is rightly termed as USB Thief. This has been reported by Researchers of ESET Security. It has been crafted maliciously to spread on the system even if it is not connected with Internet Network. It has been so intelligently written that it cannot be copied and this is why it is very hard to predict about it and detect it easily. Since USB Thief is very much active and uses USB devices for stealing data, users hardly can notice that their system has been compromised and they are going to be a victim of data stealing. Thus it uses a very unique strategy for its propagation as well as making it difficult to be traced out as hardly it leaves any evidence.

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Moreover, it executes via USB removal devices and hence it cannot be easily leaked and this is why hardly any traces can be detected. Moreover it is device specific and is bound to specific usage and is carried out on the system running sans internet. It is known to be using portable version certain applications that are widely used and relied upon by users viz Firfox, NotePad++ as well as TrueCrypt.

Win32/PSW.Stealer.NAI True Nature of USB Thief

Win32/PSW.Stealer.NAI is so versatile in nature which can intrudes into your PC silently and allow online criminals for performing various illegal activities or processes. Some of the most common actions which has taken by Win32/PSW.Stealer.NAI are as follows:

  • Steal your crucial data – This threat is specially created by cyber crooks to steal your entire crucial data which stored onto your PC including id, banking login details, password, contact details etc.

  • Create backdoors – It is able to modify user security System so that their data and device can be easily accessed by the controller.

  • Turn your PC into Zombine – The main motive of this threat to use your PC as a slave in a network which is controlled by a single hacker.

  • Spying – It is able to track your browsing history, online activities and wait until you enter your crucial details so that it can invade your privacy.

  • Degrades the running speed of System and Internet – After intruding into System, it steals sensitive information.

This is why it is essential to take steps to remove malware from Windows PC, if you do not want to be a victim of cyber frauds.