Remove [email protected] Ransomware and Restore Encrypted .pst Files

About [email protected] Or .777 File encryption Virus

[email protected] ransomware is not only a nasty malware infection to ransack your file by encrypting it but also a mind game by cyber criminals. The gimmick starts with appearance of a dubious email that contains an attachment file, the user on targeted computer has been deceived to open the attachment file which activate [email protected] ransomware infection on computer. After activation of this ransomware, the user find all saved personal file are encrypted and renamed as FILE_Name. Origianl_Extension.{date-and-time-of-encryption}[email protected] Users may also find other addresses as [email protected] or [email protected] at the place of [email protected] with their encrypted files. The entire procedure to infect computer, encrypt files, display of ransom note and several other malicious activities by this ransomware are only to make your mind that you are paying to fix the issue of file encryption on your computer. But the fact is that you are not going to fix your problems but making things to worse. Payment of ransom amount does not gives an assurance to get decryption keys because cyber criminals have tendency to refuse your request for decryption tool or any private keys to rollback file encryption. Perhaps, they can increase the ransom amount or directly deny to provide you decryption solution. So you will suffer with data loss on your computer and also muck up your money.

Workings of [email protected] Ransomware Virus

On an infected computer, [email protected] ransomware virus works into background of Windows OS and create a list of all saved personal files and continuously keep on encrypting them with RSA and AES file encryption. If you have software applications like Outlook then all your .pst files can’t remains intact by outburst of this ransomware. The infection covers a wide range of file formats while encryption which is listed below :

.3ds .4db .4dd .7z .7zip .accdb .accdt .aep .aes .ai .alk .arj .axx .bak .bpw .cdr .cer .crp .crt .csv .db .dbf .dbx .der .doc .docm .docx .dot .dotm .dotx .drc .dwfx .dwg .dwk .dxf .eml .enz .fdb .flk .flka .flkb .flkw .flwa .gdb .gho .gpg .gxk .hid .hid2 .idx .ifx .iso .k2p .kdb .kdbx .key .ksd .max .mdb .mdf .mpd .mpp .myo .nba .nbf .nsf .nv2 .odb .odp .ods .odt .ofx .ost .p12 .pdb .pdf .pfx .pgp .ppj .pps .ppsx .ppt .pptx .prproj .psd .pst .psw .qba .qbb .qbo .qbw .qfx .qif .rar .raw .rfp .rpt .rsa .rtf .saj .sdc .sdf .sef .sko .sql .sqlite .sxc .tar .tax .tbl .tc .tib .txt .wdb .xbrl .xls .xlsm .xlsx .xml .zip .pst

After file encryption, the ransomware program use a different strategy to demand ransom against your hostage files. It does not release ransom note like other ransomware programs do. It ask users to contact an email address “[email protected]” to give you instructions and negotiate the ransom amount in order to decrypt your files back.

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Alternative Fix For .777 File Extension (Should I Pay Ransom or Not?)

Although cyber criminals behind [email protected] or .777 file encryption ransomware cannot be trusted enough and may refuse to provide keys to decrypt files. Perhaps if you are making your mid to pay the offered ransom amount then you helps cyber criminals to generate more fund for their research and development to produce more devastating malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses etc. So cyber security experts have suggested to use an efficient removal and recovery tool to get rid of [email protected] ransomware infection instead of ransom payment. So you can opt an [email protected] Removal Tool to remove [email protected] Ransomware infection and after clean up you can try data recovery program to recover your files if you have no backup.

Recovery of .pst Files Encrypted By [email protected]

You will face encryption of Outlook PST files after attack of [email protected] ransomware virus on your computer and also need some special tool to recover your emails, contacts, notes, calenders etc. As you know that PST (Personal Storage Table) is a data base and include different type of file formats so to recover those file you need a specific PST Recovery software.

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