How to recover & restore .pst file infected by TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware

teslacrypt vvv

Hey, my .pst files have been encrypted due to TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware. As a result I am unable to access any of my Outlook data including mails, appointments and contacts. They were damn important for my Business prospects. What should I do now? I am being asked to either pay the ransom or lose any hope for restoration of .pst files. I need help for the decryption of hostage files .pst in this case.

What is TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ?

TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware is a file encrypting malware that is known to target all popular Windows versions. Once it attacks the Windows, naturally all the data stored on it gets encrypted. It was known to be crafted and released by hackers somewhere in Early part of Feb in year 2015. Since it uses AES encryption for the purpose of scanning compromised computer to detect the data and important files. This is the reason why users loses access to the encrypted files. Even if they want or attempt to do so, they will be denied any access to the encrypted data. A ransom note will be found along with the encrypted data bearing instructions on how to decrypt the file by paying the Ransom amount. That amounts to $500 payable through bitcoins payment mode. What is most suspicious is the fact that bitcoin address that is to be submitted varies and is different for each victim. This is a clear cut indication that paying the ransom would bear no guaranteed results to hackers.

How to Detect TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware has encrypted .pst files or any other data

Once the computer is compromised by TeslaCrypt (.vvv extension) ransomware, a random file will would be created with executable name the %AppData% folder. This is the file that is responsible for scanning the stored data for encryption. What more, it will rename and append file extension to the existing ones. However what can be a major respite is the fact that it is possible to decrypt files without paying the ransom amount to hackers.yes researchers at Bleeping Computers have suggested TeslaDecoder Tool for getting the files decrypted without paying any ransom. For decryption details

However, if you are still unable to decrypt encrypted .pst files, it is advised to use .pst recovery software that can repair and restore corrupted .pst files.