Recent Ransomware Attacks: Adobe Forced to Issue Emergency Flash Update

adobe flash updateIf you are using an outdated version of Adobe Flash, then there is a major cause of concern waiting. As there have been reports of possible Ransomware attacking Adobe Flash. This is why Adobe users have been asked to update their Adobe flash version to the latest one which has been rolled out and has been available. Failing to do so will invite all sorts of trouble for the users as major threat is looming by and large for Windows users in form of Ransomware. It has always been used by cybercrooks to target system for encrypting files and holding them back for hostage. Further some hefty amount is charged as Ransom for getting files decrypted. Now Big firms and Corporate Sectors are being selected as soft target as they can cough up huge Ransom amount as thousands of dollars.

Adobe Flash was always considered freak as application and was soft target for exploiting vulnerabilities. This was the reason why it came out with security patches over the period of time. With so many security flaws reported, Cyber thugs have now come up with innovative mind where they can make those system an easy target in which latest version of Adobe Flash has not been installed. In many cases, users are misguided and happen to install updates from some illegitimate websites. Actually these are found to be malware that gets installed on the system causing further troubles.

Realizing the grave issue, Adobe System Inc notified all the users by rolling out latest update on last Thursday for Adobe Flash Software to curb out any possibilities for exploiting vulnerabilities by hackers by targeting attack using Ransomware on Windows PC. The update was issued globally for all platforms including Mac, Windows, Chrome, Linux. This was done keeping in view the safety of the system against Ransomware attack particularly when any tainted webpages are visited.

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Needless to mention about how nasty the advent of Ransomware is for the system as it encrypts all important data files thus locking them and holding it for Ransom. Actually with the rise in the incidence of Ransomware attack, it has become a real menace targeting the system Worldwide. However, the latest version of Adobe patch will definitely help to fix the issue of blocking the chances of malware attack and make the system more secure against any flaws in security that were present in its earlier version.

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