Ransomware Attack Doubled in 2015-16: FBI Report Says

There has been a whooping increase in the cases of Ransomware attack. There has been massive report that came to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) related to ransomware and its attack. If the reports are to be believed, nearly there were more than 2,453 cases of complaints that got recorded, if we talk about the last year 2015. this is a whooping rise of incidences that was reported in the previous 2014 and has crossed the total of 1,402 figure mark. Leave alone the extent of damages it has incurred on the computer system and stored data till now. What is even more frightening, the cases is going to be increased manifolds in the the days to come. This can be expected as the hackers are targeting Multinational Companies relying on its data. This has been revealed by the report published by Intel Corp.’s McAfee Labs.


However, it has been strictly advised by FBI not to pay heed to any such warning for paying out the ransom to hackers. As this has been the strategy of the hackers to mount pressure on victims by asking them to pay out the certain amount of ransom within a stipulated time frame. Hackers are planning to target most of Companies, Business establishments big and small, Government Offices as well as Hospitals where large database is maintained and where there is an easy scope of getting ransom by holding files hostage and making people victim forcing them to pay the ransom in exchange of private keys. What is most disturbing is the fact in many cases even paying the ransom will not serve the purpose. Yes, there is no assurance that encrypted files will be accessible or can be used again. With the changing time, hackers have changed their tactics and now using more and more ways that work as gimmick to trap innocent users. Recently, there are using spam emails that serves as vector for spreading ransomware infections in form of some files and documents that appear to be important. Once these are downloaded on to the system, the ransom virus becomes fully functional and siege files.


FBI Recommendations: How to Secure your System from Ransomware Attack

  • Be aware of the latest Ransomware threats and know how to get rid of ransom virus
  • Scan your PC more regularly to check whether it has been infected or not.
  • Always deactivate Macro Function and headers of Microsoft Office apps
  • Always insist on updating Windows to its latest version.
  • Most importantly, always take regular backup of the data as there is no guarantee that encrypted files will ever be restored.