Mac OS X Security Flaws: Know About It

Security Flaws in Mac OS X: Know About It

If you are a mac user and feel there can be no security flaws, then you are mistaken. Actually many have this misconception. Security flaws can also happen on Mac as in case of Windows platform. It may sound weird but hackers are now targeting Mac OS X after making Windows an easy goal which they have achieved. With the advancement of Technology, hackers have utilized the presence of security loopholes and flaws to make Apple’s Mac vulnerable. This fact can be worrisome and make IT professionals something to ponder about. However, little bit of cautious and careful move can make your Mac system safe and overcome any such issues. It was evident with the release of Yosemite (OS X 10.10) that was having flaws and made the Mac system very much vulnerable. There have also been instance where hackers have made use of Apple ID OD plug-in for changing the passwords to carry out the attack. Lets not forget how they have made use of IOGraphics for executing code on the devices. This came as a big blow in the campaign carried out to mark Apple as better against Microsoft through Mac Vs PC ads.

If reports are to be believed, Mac OS X was never as much vulnerable in the last 5 years or so as the there have been more than 948 cases where malware samples have been detected and found on the system. This was comparatively much higher as against 180 cases reported in the year 2010. Most of them were known to infect system as adware that came bundled with unwanted software and programs. Many of the users have the habit of installing several program on their Mac Computer even if it does not serve any purpose. Rather they should avoid this practice if they want to keep their system safe and secure. This is where tidy up for Mac can be so effective in keeping the Mac clutter free from unwanted and junk programs.

However as soon as this security breach was reported and came into light, it was fixed in the Yosemite 10.10.5 update that was rolled out in August 2015. There after EI Captain was released by Apple in the month of September 2015 to address and curb security flaws. Actually, Apple has taken several stern steps to curb the problem related to malware attack and thus making it difficult for the hackers to breach security on Mac. However, even a single mistake or a security lag is used by hackers as an opportunity to breach the defense and hit through.