Locky Ransomware In the Fall Of 2016 – Deadliest File Lockdowns For Cash

In the mid of the year 2016, the researchers at Proofpoint released quarterly report and according to the details of report, Locky ransomware is the deadliest malware in all categories of malware such as Trojans, browser hijacker, rogue security etc. It is a very high risk malware and is known to have unmatched competitor. Locky ransomware has been continuing its devastating campaigns with launch and till the second quarter of 2016 it has compromised numerous of computers of companies, organizations and individuals. You can easily consider its exaggeration among all rapidly growing and aggressive file encryption viruses that Locky ransomware has a share of 69%, accordingly to the latest reports by Security Vendor at the end of second quarter of 2016.

The facts raveled by security vendors that Locky ransomware has gained precedence in every week with help of record number of Spam messages. Millions of Spam emails have been distributed by the authors of this ransomware each day with malicious attachments as a ZIP file format that circulated Locky ransomware infection around the world. According to the ESET security, this ransomware has been distributed via six year old Mumblehard botnet with help of 4000 Linux server that were infected by the botnet since 2010. Many other rootkits like Angler Exploit Kit, Neutrino Exploit Kit, BlackHole and Cool Exploit kit also support this ransomware infection to compromise targeted online computers.

The infected users suffers with file encryption on their computer and find ‘.locky File extension’ with their files. Ransomware scans all personal folders on local hard drives and it does not require any administrative privileges on the PC. It can access the mapped network folder, you visit on your PC and also encrypt files stored on. This inclusion makes it especially important for computer users to protect their data from secure storage methods, which can not be overridden ‘.locky file extension “ransomware, such as USB-storage devices or cloud. Since the campaign the ransomware has made numerous of users sufferer of data loss.

Considering the high rate of circulation and success rate, Locky Ransomware is on the top most prevalent malware in the mid of 2016 and the developers has get success to develop more enhanced malicious codes for this ransomware program and named as “Dridex Ransomware”. So the ransomware virus is still challenging security programs, safety of user’s data and even other malware infection to keep its position and terror of file encryption virus. Computer users should always keep backup files and use removal methods to get rid of Lock Ransomware and alike malware infection.