Know How to Decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware Using Master Key

Has your system been infected by TeslaCrypt recent variants (3.0 or higher)? Are you a victim and facing file encryption? Well in case if you are, there is something to know and that is a decryptor tool for TeslaCrypt has been released…….

Its a good news for all those who were looking for ways to decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware without paying ransom as Master Key has been released by its developers after they decided to shut it down. This was discovered by researchers of ESET who came up with some surprising facts and made this clear. This was all initiative taken by their team requesting hackers via support chat to release TeslaCrypt Master Decryption key. It all came as a big relief when the developers of this nasty malware agreed upon and this message was evident on the defunct payment site stating project closed.


Over the recent period of time several variants of TeslaCrypt were released in quick succession and were widely distributed for attacking Windows computer encrypting stored files and thereafter demanding ransom amount. But the vendors made up their mind to wind up this malicious ransom virus. In the beginning of April 2015, certain flaws were discovered by researchers of Cisco System. Later they also came up with decryption tool. Although it did worked but only for some variants. However recently, Analyst working at ESET Researcher somehow managed to secure a copy of Master Key that was quite effective in decrypting the files attacked by recent versions of TeslaCrypt (3.0 and later) ransomware. Actually he contacted the infamous vendor and operators through the support channel that was being provided to the victims of ransomware and offered for the Universal Decryption Tool. Fortunately, it was made public by the hackers as they decided to wind up this malevolent malware.