Jailbroken iPhone or iPad: Is it Secured or Not?

There is no doubt about the fact that iOS is most secured platform and preferred among the masses. The reason is that all the Apps are verified by Apple Store and no third party app can be installed on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. This restricts users installing any apps other than from App Store unless the device is jailbroken. You must be familiar with term of Jailbreaking. If not, you need to know, that whenever the device is jailbroken, all the security restrictions does not apply. Such as users can freely install any third party apps from free source. Thus giving more options for iPhone users but at the same time it can invite further risks too. Firstly, all the warranty that holds good for iPhone devices stands null and void as soon as the device is jailbroken. Also installing Apps from unreliable sources can be malware infected.

Does Jailbreaking makes devices most unsecured?

The biggest flaw of Jailbreaking is possible attack of malware that makes the iPhone devices prone to vulnerabilities. Recently, a malware was reported soon after it was discovered as Adthief in some of the extensions of Cydia. If you are an iPhone user, you must be well familiar with app. What was most surprising was it only infected jailbroken iPhone devices. It was a major breach which led to ad fraud and was downloaded from non Apple Store. This is just not one instance where users can have to suffer, even there can be other instances too where even reputed apps can be malware infected as hackers can easily activate some malicious codes at the final stage when the app has passed the security inspection from the Apple Store.

For details: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-compelling-security-reasons-jailbreak-iphone-ipad/

Why Apps installed from Third Party Can be Harmful

As long as the apps are downloaded from Apple Store, iPhone devices are less prone to any such malware or malicious application. However there are always exceptions reported. But when the device is jailbroken, there is no security check and some of the apps can prove to be dangerous for your device as it has not been certified by Apple. If one wishes to jailbreak device, it is possible by IMEI unlock iPhone code. Good Luck!