Hacker Gets Six Months in Prison for Accessing Hundreds of Celebrity Emails and Spreading Explicit Images

Andrew Hilton a 29 year Old man of Oregon have been convicted for hacking over 360 email accounts and stealing personal intimate photos belonging to some of the well known celebrities. United States District judge John A Kronstadt sentenced six months federal prison and two years supervised release with a fine of $3000. Helton sent emails to Apple and Google users to verify their accounts. Users clicked on the link provided in the email that would land them to a hoax login page and eventually provide their login details to him. With these login details Helton successfully retrieved 161 nude and partially nude images from which some were belonging to the well known figures in entertainment industry.

Defense attorney Shannon L gray, defended Helton pointing out that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Recently his father is diagnosed with Cancer, death of his dog and end of his seven year old relationship should be taken into account. On the other hand, U.S attorney Eileen M. Decker accused Helton as a privacy invader who targeted respected names of the society which has brought sleepless nights to the victim. Helton not only used clever phishing methods to obtain emails and login details but he also viewed and stored personal photos of victims to his computer.