Free SSL Certificate Installed on More than 1 Million Websites

Free SSL Certificate Installed on More than 1 Million Websites


Its a good news for WebMasters seeking security for their users and domains as 1 million free transport layer Security (TLS) SSL Certificates has been issued. This is a big achievement and will work as major milestone. Courtesy Let’s Encrypt. Actually all the credit goes to Let’s Encrypt which is operated by ISRG aka Internet Security Research Group. In just a short span of time, beta version of the service has been launched by Let’s Encrypt and since, the Group has crossed landmark of 1 Million Free SSL Certificates have been installed. The best part is that it is completely open source and with no cost. Recognized by all major web browsers viz, Microsoft’s IE, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s FireFox. The initiative has been taken by the ISRG Group since last December offering free certificates to all those seeking certificate for their web server. It is worth mentioning the project got a boost as it backed by Companies like Mozilla, EFF and Akamai.

However this will surely be counted as landmark in making web free form vulnerabilities related to insecure protocols. There was lots of problems due to bureaucracy involved in the entire procedure to obtain certificates. Hence many of the Webmasters continued with unsecured HTTP protocol. But this issue now seems to be over as newly websites are secured and encrypted by default.

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What is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate establishes secure connection over web server that makes all transactions full proof and secure while transferring of data, payment gateway, credit card transactions are carried out as well as when any user logs in to a website. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer consists of small data files holding cryptographic key securing details of the Organization. It uses an encryption technology to create secure connection enables transmission of information without any vulnerabilities leading to leaking of information or forgery of any kind. Whenever SSL certificate is installed, users can be very well be sure about that the information that is being provided will be accessed only by the Organization that owns it. It symbolically appear as a padlock with https protocol.

It is often indicated as address bar turning green that denotes the transaction to be done on website is fully safe and secure from any fraudulent or phishing activities. Users can view the changing of the URL taking place from http:// to https://. SSL Certificate is quite essential as it binds domain, server or hostname to identity of an Organization as well as its location. Actually it is quite important for online business which has become need of the hour as Millions of customers are accessing and depending upon online activities on a regular basis in current scenarios. SSL Certificates are issued and provided by Certificate Authorities. It ensures server for establishing secure connection over the browser.

Why SSL is Essential?

If you wish to access the details of SSL Certificate, all it requires is to visit the secure website and on the address bar, padlock is to be clicked and one need to select the option of “View Certificate”. This can be viewed on any of the browser irrespective of its use. If you are more interested to view the complete details, then “Details” Tab is to be opted for. However some of the websites are not secured and padlock symbol will not be displayed. In such case it can be deduced that visiting sites might be unsafe. The users if proceed to visit, they might be a victim of fraudulent activities because of phishing domains. Simply, if the website does not have SSL Certificate, it is not trustworthy. There have been instances reported and according to the reports of Gartner Research, as much as 70% of the online users have preferred to cancel their online transactions due to lack of trust. If the site is SSL encrypted, it works as bringing a sense of trust among the visitors and would mean more business for its owners.

Now the most important aspect which is to be known after all who issues SSL. The certificate is issued by Certificate Authority (CA). CA issues Certificate to Organizations or owners of the website once it has been validated. However, if the Organization is run by Government or firms they may have their own CA as well as free Certificate Authorities. The certificate that has been purchased I n order to make the site secure bears a digitally verified signature that works as trusted store for web browser that is being used by people while surfing. The websites which are SSL verified can use a Seal or Logo that denotes that particular website has been SSL Certified and has been validated that works to build more sense of trust for the customers while carrying out transactions.