Free HTTPS Encryption for WordPRess Sites

It is very good news for those using wordpress for hosting custom domain will we getting free SSL Certificate and that also with no extra effort. This decision has been already taken by the WordPress Team in partnership with Electronic Frontier Foundation’s under the project “Let’s Encrypt”. This has been announced by WordPress and ws made clear by system engineer Barry Abrhamson of WordPress Parent Company Automattic. Also this move will be transparent and will have no impact on the users. It means users won’t have to do anything and will be free. The initiative has been taken in order to make all the domain and blogs that are hosted under the regime of wordpress. Since it provides an open source and is widely used as a content management system (CMS). There is no doubt about the fact that wordpress platform is used by as much as quarter of the websites all across the world. This will definitely make web a lot more safe and secure from all odds. This is a clear indication for more than 26% of websites will be secured as Statistics by W3techs claimed by.


SSL Certificate enables security to the website and is indicated by green colored Pad lock that appears in the address bar of the browser. Before issues related to installation of SSL Certificate was not so easy as the Webmasters had to be in touch with SSL issuing Authorities (Automattic Staff). But now the entire process has been made lot more simple and easier. Thanks to the Let’s Encrypt Project for launching this initiative to provide SSL Certificate to many of the wordpress hosted domains. The first batch of certificate was issued in the beginning of this year in January 2016. thereafter the project was carried out extensively to cover maximum of the sites with a goal to make the entire process hassle-free. This is why all the process has been made automatic where one does not need to do anything for enabling free https encryption if they are using WordPress for custom hosting. The subdomains were already SSL Certificate encrypted but now the main domain to be covered under this project. Now under the project, custom domains which are hosted will be covered under free SSL certificate issued by Automattic, covered by Let’s Encrypt Project.

Why Encryption is necessary for more than Security

As this was the need of the hour as it will ensure lot more security while browsing world wide web. This will definitely defend hacking, accessing cookies, content survelliance as well as other flaws and security loopholes. This initiative is a very good move taken by WordPress in collaboration with Lets Encrypt Project. Since thew year 2014 itself, WordPress provided platform and supported encryption for sub-domains of site . Now the move is for expanding of encryption and SSL Certificate to all the custom domains that are hosted on platform.
It has been found that encrypted sites stands good chances of gaining web traffic as compared to un encrypted one. this change can be seen by site owners as they can notice the addressbar with green colored pad lock icon as soon as their site has been enabled with HTTPS. This can also work as ranking signal for sites as they have better chances to be included in the search results.

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