Emisoft Releases Decryptor for the ApocalypseVM Ransomware

Ransomware has been relentlessly proving to be hard nut to crack over the passed years. We all are familiar with different variants of ransom virus such as CryptoWall and Locky encrypt virus that has created havoc and extracted millions of dollars from the victims by ransacking the files. Apocalypse Ransomware was yet another variant that was released recently by hackers, using VMProtect Software to carry out its nasty actions. Actually this very ransomware used obfuscation process to rename the malware and recently came up with another variant as ApocalypseVM. Since the hackers found that previous variant was not as strong enough to encrypt files as the expected it to be. This was the reason for creation of yet another variant so that it could not be easily decrypted. There was not much of a difference as compared to the nature of action. Apocalypse VM also scanned the files and added .locked or .encrypted extensions thus making the files inaccessible for further usage. Actually this ransomware added a ransom note along with encrypted file with a file name as (filename).How_To_Get_Back.txt.

However, during past weekend Researcher at Emsisoft claimed to decrypt Apocalypse and the files encrypted by this nasty malware. Yes it is true, recently a decryption tool has been released and can now be used by victims to decode and encrypt the files and data without paying the ransom to the hackers. Thanks to Emsisoft. The decryption tool can be downloaded from the Official Site of Emsisoft. However, before decrypting the files, it is also necessary to clean your computer and get rid of this nasty ransomware so that it does not further infect your PC in near future.

Steps to followed for decrypting ApocalypseVM Ransomware