Destroying Ransomware Business Models is not your Job, So Just Pay up

One of the most pertinent question that comes to ransomware victim’s mind is either to pay the ransom for decrypting data or suffer data loss. This also depends upon how vital was the data for you? Of course if you pay heed to FBI Cyber Division Deputy Chief James C. Trainer, the answer will be a big NO. According to his opinion if someone pays ransom to hackers they are encouraging hackers to attack and encrypt data and make this a routine. Moreover, hackers are funded by sort of payment of the ransom. But the facts on paper remains different as many of the Organizations have opted to pay the ransom for getting data decrypted.

So a matter of fact, it is not possible for users to make the World secure against cyber crime and the decision for making payment and fulfilling the demands of hackers is more about business than logic. Although FBI Cyber Division Chief James C.Trainor strongly feels and condemns any payment that are being carried out by any Organizations is nothing more than motivating the mischief mongers. This will boost up and give more encouragement to hackers creating more nasty ransomware to encrypt files extracting million dollars from innocent victims. Paying the said ransom by an organization might unwittingly be encouraging other unlawful activity associated with this very evil system attackers”, as claimed by Trainor.

It is easy to make statements or get it noted on the piece of paper but quite difficult to be followed when its matter of important data that need to be restored at any cost. There have been several instances where the administrator all over the world have preferred to pay off to the ransomware attackers or else suffer from major loss of data. Law enforcement Authorities are least bothered since, Police Units have also paid the ransom themselves. Lets not talk about other hospitals, Government Organizations and schools to follow up.