How to Clean Mac OS X Against Vulnerabilities

MacMac OS X was considered to be one of the safest platform to work on but not now. Recently it has been reported that Mac has been infected with malware “Ke-Ranger” first of its kind that attacked Mac Computer. This was the first case where Apple’s Mac was targeted with full functional ransomware that held files hostage for ransom. This can really be nasty and turn things around. Installing of unwanted program and applications can be a major source for making your system vulnerable for such attacks. In this particular case, malware was installed along with Transmission, quite popular program that is used for file sharing P2P Bit Torrent. Later preventive measures was taken by Apple to revoke digital Certificate preventing installation of bundled programs as such.

Although Mac is enabled with malware detection and file quarantine abilities making it less prone to malware or running any such malicious software. Now the files which are moved to Quarantine section. Users need to have this confirmed whether they want to use it on their Mac Computer or not. Instead they get an option to trash the particular application. This is the reason as to why Mac is more foolproof against malware usually as compared to Windows.

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The good thing is that apps and programs which are not digitally verified and lack signing certificate cannot be opened and accessed. Even when the uses attempts for it they are not allowed to do so. Cluttering of apps can also make the Mac OS X comparatively slow even if its not malicious. This is why it is important to uninstall all such apps that are not required by the users might be consuming the hard drive and all its resources. Thus without thinking much one should trash such programs. However, even if the program is trashed that does not mean that it has been permanently deleted. It continue to exist on the system unless the trash is not emptied.

Moreover, even if there are duplicate binary files present on Mac machine it can invite troubles and might make it performance slow and sluggish. Existing of duplicate files, cache, logs are stated to be the main reasons responsible for the same. This is where duplicate file finder such as Tidy up for Mac can prove to be quite handy.

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